Change Management reduced to Seven simple Questions

Change Management reduced to Seven simple Questions

As I am currently attending the Project Zone Congress 2013 in Frankfurt, organized by the PMI Frankfurt Chapter and Stamford Global, its time to look at the first Talk from Peter de Jager.

As a Change Management expert he looks at the question how to reduce Change Management down to seven simple Questions.

  1. Why?
    Why is this Change necessary? Why do we need that Change? is the First Question he is starting of with
  2. What is in it for Me?
    As an individual how am I able to participate and get something out of it.
  3. What is going to be different on Monday?
    How can I see and perceive the Short Term Change. An something has to be visible and has to be felt. If everything is still the same?????
  4. What won’t change?
    So, a lot of change is coming, but what is going to be the same?
  5. What might go wrong?
    At this point it is all about the truth. Things will go wrong, things will fail. And its up to you to mention and communicate that.
  6. What is going to be difficult?
    Of course, its not going to be a walk in the park. Things will get tough. But if the going gets tough the tough is going. So be tough and talk about whats going to be difficult.
  7. How do know that you are making progress?
    Measure your progress and talk about it?

Interesting talk, very engaging, the typical american way, brought to us by an expert. And of course I tried some sketchnoting while he was going ….


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