My First steps in Sketch Noting

My First steps in Sketch Noting

Sketch noting is way to reflect talks and presentation and document the things that resonate and ‘produce’ something that you are motivated to go back to and to share.

It’s also a way of documenting something that can easily be reflected later on.

I got introduced to sketch noting and learned more about by reading the book ‘The Sketchnote Handbook – The Illustrated Guide to to Visual Notetaking‘ byMike Rohde.

What I learned and what was different to me by sketching the talks I attended at the Project Zone Congress 2013 in Frankfurt was

  • I am far more focused on the talk than
  • Things that resonate are easier to concentrate on
  • Structure helps
  • Its fun and productive and very rewarding
  • Something great originates that you are proud of and motivated to go back to

Here are some examples of my work:

That’s it for now :-)


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